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With current musical trends leaving even the most stringent of genre boundaries effectively confined to the past, the archetypal 'grime sound' is arguably something producers no longer feel the need to adhere to and in a world where experimentation is key and previously unimaginable collaborations are becoming an everyday reality, those loyal to its confines remain few and far between. This is not to say those few do not prosper however; with respect to grime, you need look no further than Spooky.

The unprecedented underground success of  his 'Spartan' instrumental late last year effectively re-invented the previously ailing 8-bar sound and paved the way for the likes of Faze Miyake and Splurt to have such a profound impact on the scene in 2011, restoring faith in not only the art of the producer but the genre itself. In that time, a series of impressive remixes, 'A Bag of Myths' volumes 1 & 2, guest mixes on BBC 1xtra and Rinse Fm and countless radio shows on his beloved 'Deja Vu' have all followed. The only thing left to conquer? A label. 

November 21st will see the 'Rusty Bell' EP become the debut release on Spooky's 'Ghost House' imprint and as with almost everything he has been involved in this year, it does not disappoint. Title-track 'Rusty Bell' is, as typical of Spooky, invariably a 4-minute long musical embodiment of the genre with a series of crashing bass lines echoing 'Pulse X' whilst J-Sweet's excellent remix is arguably the stand out track of the EP. Not overly reworked, a series of samples and a heavyweight bass drop add a whole new dimension to its original counterpart. 

Also included is Mosca's exceptional dub refix of 'Spartan' which has been in high-demand since being uploaded to his Soundcloud back in April; huge reverb, excellent sampling and a deep but mellow bass line provide an ingenious take on the original and final track 'Snake Charmer' rounds off the EP in memorable fashion; a series of hypnotic, alternating bass lines are suitably complimented by deft, authentic sampling, which work together to leave you feeling more than a little bit spaced out. 

All in all, the 'Rusty Bell' EP can be considered a genuinely superb debut offering and one that should provide a solid platform for further releases on the 'Ghost House' imprint. 

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