Sunday, 3 April 2011


The first two editions of Hyperfrank's iconic 'Volume Control' series have already seen the likes of Dot Rotten and Griminal join forces with Nottingham's 'Beat Geeks' and SNK to produce two excellent tracks and the latest installment looks only serves to further the project's credentials. 'Red Alert' sees Durrty Goodz vocal Royal-T's 'Orangeade', (arguably one of the stand out instrumentals of 2011 so far), and the end product is as good as you'd expect. However, what's most interesting about this track is the fusion of old and new - only a concept like 'Volume Control' could unite one of Grime's legendary names with one of it's standout, up and coming stars. Enjoy!

#3 - Red Alert

#2 Talkin' About

#1 - Thunder

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