Saturday, 31 March 2012


Different Circles Volume 3 is the latest in Mumdance's esteemed podcast series. In similar fashion the first two installments, Volume 3 provides another no holds barred look across electronic music in all its forms. Including 'two brand new, never heard tracks' from the man himself and 'paired with a bit of crate digging and some old school classics', it is another excellent offering. Arguably one of the most enjoyable podcast series on the net.


The latest project from exploratory producer Mr Mitch is 14-track free download 'Venus', the first volume of the new 'Searching' series. Mitch has given himself the task of ensuring that each volume centres itself around a chosen theme, with the highs and lows of love and relationships underpinning volume one. Bold and certainly innovative, it is hoped the series will shed light on some alternate directions in which grime can be taken. 

You can choose to download Venus for free or pay as little or as much as you like. Head to to get your copy.

Mr Mitch has also just compiled his latest mix for 'Lucid' to form part of their own mix series, featuring new music from grime heavyweight Darq E Freaker, Nasty FM's Moony and Butterz kingpin Swindle, plus some of his own fresh material. 


Twitter:  @mrmitchmusic

Monday, 26 March 2012


As a fan of the label since 2010, the Butterz journey has been a fascinating one. The daunting task of restoring grime's credibility was first taken up with enthusiasm and integrity by a youthful Elijah and Skilliam back at University. Their Butterz blog had grown to become one of the most comprehensive go-to grime resources on the net but there remained little to shout about in a scene that had lost its way considerably. Over-crowded, lacking organisation and full of resentment for former proteges chasing record deals, grime was bereft of the energy and drive that had propelled the sound into the spotlight in 2002. A chance to air their frustrations by way of mixing came in 2009 when the duo were invited a chance to host their own show on Rinse FM. What has happened since has been nothing short of astronomical.

The label soon followed in early 2010, giving a home to some of the most exciting producers the genre had witnessed for years, whilst also placing a greater emphasis on fan interaction than any label had done previously. Suddenly people were interested, engaged. 

Thirteen releases and 2 years later, the sheer enormity of just what the label has managed to achieve came to fruition in the form of a sell out birthday night at Cable on March 24th alongside Terror Danjah's 'Hardrive' imprint. Aside from Wiley's legendary Eskimo Dance, never before have I witnessed an 8 hour celebration of all things grime embraced so profoundly. It would be all too easy to look back across the individual brilliance of each set, all of which were delivered with a real sense of occasion, but what startled me the most were the demographics.

I managed to grab a few words with Swindle after his set and even he was blown away by the spectacle. 'It doesn't matter where you're from or what you look like, it's just Butterz, it's where it's at' I remember him saying and I can't say I disagree. For a genre we are ignorantly led to believe promotes violence, gang culture and just about any said social issue, the vibe was incredible - I even bumped into people who had made the trip all the way from Aberdeen. For the first time in years, grime enjoyed a party - no egos, no competition, no pre-conceptions about how to look or carry yourself, just a good old fashioned knees up. There were whistles, there were lighters, there was even JME in a onesie but perhaps most importantly, people were dancing. 

(Credit to

As well as making grime both credible and accessible again, Elijah and Skilliam had placed a strong emphasis on reviving it's dance floor credentials. Through the emergence of the likes of Royal T, Swindle and Champion, Butterz have succeeded in creating grime you can dance to and March 24th was the ultimate testament. Though were we treated to the best the label had to offer, there were also numerous tributes to some of grime's formative tracks. Royal T's ingenious re-work of Danny Weed's 'Creeper', Spooky's tribute to Pulse X 'Pulse Y', SLK's 'Hype Hype', Jon E Cash's 'War' and even Jameson's early garage joint 'Urban Hero' were all particular highlights on a night when grime appeared truly united. No corner of the genre remained untouched with emcees past and present also making appearances, including a notably excellent set from Riko. 

If that wasn't enough, JME proved to be the icing on the cake. With a crowd already rallied by incredible sets by Champion and Terror Danjah in particular, he arrived in textbook style, clambering onto the top of the DJ booth kitted out in a onesie assuring club staff that he would be 'really careful'. With little introduction, he hushed a bustling crowd with a chorus of 'Well Well Well' before flying into a series of his most iconic tracks, culminating in an in-crowd performance of latest smash '96 Fuckries'. You'd be hard pushed to find a better performer in the UK on current form.

Bruising sets from funky selector Marcus Nasty and Spooky followed to rapturous vigour from an unrelenting crowd before Elijah and Skilliam took to the decks to close the night out in fitting fashion. Swindle had said their first Cable party last summer had struggled to hold it's audience past 4 in the morning but their second was still rocking at 5.30. I left feeling physically exhausted but massively inspired by a label I had always hoped could restore my faith in grime. They have proved that it still has so much to offer. 

You can exclusively listen back to Spooky's set from the night via the Uncle Albert Soundcloud here:

Butterz & Hardrive 2nd Birthday - Mar 24 2012 ft Spooky by UncleAlbertSays

You can download the set here:

BR009 Swindle & Silkie - Unlimited / Pineapple is out as of April. You can pre-order via Boomkat here:

Champion's Formula Records imprint is also hosting a free payback party at East Village:

Everything else Butterz plus more content from the night:

Thursday, 22 March 2012


'Kleer' is the forthcoming new release from Sheffield's 'Grievous Angel', a versatile producer renowned for his funky cuts and bass-laden re-edits. Due for release via Forefront Recordings on April 30th, Kleer also features a slick refix of J Beatz' 'Subwoofer' to bring together an admirable funky record. Available on 12'' vinyl and via digital download.

Press Release:

"This is a welcome return from Sheffield-based producer Grievous Angel who has been known for his slew of edits and live remixes - whether it be Grime, Dancehall, House or UK Funky. Having done this for Keysound label-mates Dusk & Blackdown as well as random re-works of productions from artists like Wiley (check 2009’s Ice Rick refix under the alias of Bubblez), Grievous Angel has got an eye for recycling existing ideas but is no slouch when it comes to his original productions either. His new EP on Forefront recordings see’s him manifest his love of UK Funky with two cuts that showcase his ability to move dancefloors with crispy drums and the undeniable swing of House and Garage.

Lead track ‘Kleer’ is built up around grandiose arpeggios over percussive drums that mirror the brutal urgency of UK Funky and drum programming of Dutch house.  Whilst the basslines are militant, the addition of the whirring synths adds an air of smoothness to proceedings and builds a sense of eerie tension around the otherwise stomping effort.

On the flipside is his remix of J Beatz’ ‘Subwoofer’ (previously released on Forefront) oozes tropical vibrations with a tribal-esque beat pattern that ebbs and flows effortlessly and will work as a great tool in club sets. Rhythmically the remix possesses all the swagger of early Cooly G and Roska efforts yet there’s an underlying influence of dub as the subtle low-end bassline becomes more prominent as the track progresses."

You can preview Kleer via Soundcloud:

FORE004 - Grievous Angel by ForefrontRec


Twitter: @grievousangeluk 

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Having already received high praise from all quarters of the electronic music spectrum, Uncle Albert can only implore you to take a good look at the debut release from Sonic Router. Highly coveted Dutch producer Torus has delivered an incredible record; described by the Quietus as 'beautiful, glacial hip hop', it is every bit some of the finest, cutting edge electronic music you'll hear this year. 

The EP is available on a limited edition white cassette and includes:

- Torus EP on the A side & a 16 minute B-side beat tape of unreleased material
- Hand stamped, hand numbered presentation box
- Extended digital package including Slugabed & Dynooo remixes
- 7cm x 3cm Sonic Router sticker
- 7cm x 3cm Torus sticker
- Free delivery within UK

The digital package is of the EP is extended with remixes from Ninja Tune's tallest beatsmith, Slugabed and one of Belgium's most in demand alt producers, Dynooo.

You can also preview the Torus EP via Soundcloud here:

Torus - Torus EP [SRR001] by Sonic Router

Further Praise:

- "amorphous and synthy hollowed out, drugged up skweee (3.5/5)" - RA
- "a highly individual and accomplished debut (8/10)" - Drowned In Sound
- "the definition of concision (4/5)" - FACT
- "killer record (4/5)" - Mixmag
- "more than your average 'wonky'" - The Kort
- "beautiful, glacial hip hop" - theQuietus
- "like a studio session between Vladislav Delay and J Dilla" - The Veal Pen
- "a bit special" - Jon Hillcock (New Noise/BBC 6 Music)
-" pretty lush" - Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1)
- "Ace" - Boomkat

Nikola Zecevic's Documentary on Torus


Twitter: @Torussss 


The debut release on fresh start-up imprint '1st Stepz' comes courtesy of Nasty FM stalwart Moony, a long-time purveyor of the garage/grime crossover sound. Although well respected by much of the grime circuit, Moony remains something of an unknown quantity in the wider electronic music world although his lack of profiling is no reflection on the quality of his work. 

His latest comes in the form of the 4-track 'Invasion' EP, following up his 3-track release with Mr Mitch's promising Gobstopper label back in December. Typically dynamic, Invasion opens up with 'Freakin' Out', a soulful, garage joint that echos some of Terror Danjah's early 'RnG' work with aplomb. Second track 'Meditate' fuses Eski sampling with an excellent bass line and tribal drum patterns whilst 'Last Thursday' concerns itself with grime's experimental side, culminating in a slightly left-field 140 offering. Last track 'Pon Di Roof' rounds off the EP in suitably crossover style, essentially re-working Major Lazer's dance floor smash 'Pon Di Floor' to create an edgy, if slightly one-dimensional, record. 

Although not perfect, Invasion is an EP full of promise and showcases Moony's style in suitable fashion. It's vibrant, punchy and contemporary and on merit, should see Moony acknowledged as one of grime's brightest DJ/producer talents. 

The Invasion EP will be available to purchase digitally from March 30th on 1st Stepz Records via all good digital outlets.

Moony- The Invasion EP Showreel (OUT DIGITALLY 30TH MARCH) by 1stStepzRecords


Twitter: @MoonyPro // @1stStepz

Saturday, 10 March 2012


The 'Royal Rumble' EP is the latest offering from London-based trio, Funkystepz. Having forged a notable reputation for their vibrant, colourful productions over the last 18 months, (culminating in label giants Hyperdub signing their last two EP releases), Royal Rumble seems to concern itself more with showcasing a grittier sound. Although 'Warrior' and 'Class A' are more typical of their genre-blurring funky / house cuts, both 'Jigga' and 'Royal Rumble' in particular could quite easily find their way onto a Terror Danjah release. Cliche Michael Buffer sample aside, Royal Rumble is every bit grime built for the dance floor and although renowned for their funky edge, they are equally as good at curating stripped down, unforgiving, bass-laden 140 cuts. 

That's not to say the EP is representative of any specific change in outlook however. Warrior is a smooth, groove-laden funky number that builds seamlessly before erupting into life whilst Class A delivers as a refined, charismatic house joint that twists and turns in and out of a series of crashing drops. Both are in line with more 'traditional' Funkystepz efforts.

All in all, Royal Rumble is a refreshingly versatile 4-track offering that should only enhance their reputation as funky's chief standard bearers, although on a personal level, their grimy inclinations are just as encouraging. 

Royal Rumble is due for release on April 2nd via in-house imprint, F.L.Y (Forever Live Young).

Funkystepz - Royal Rumble EP [April 2nd 2012] by Funkystepzuk


Twitter: @Funkystepz

Friday, 9 March 2012


With today marking the 15th anniversary of the passing of Biggie Smalls, DJ Cable has delved back in to his mixtape vault and re-uploaded a classic B.I.G mix from 2008. A short but sincere personal tribute to one of rap's most iconic figures, it is well worth a listen.

Download via Mediafire here:


01. Notorious B.I.G. - Just Playing (Dreams)
02. Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya?
03. Red Hot Lover Tone Feat. Notorious B.I.G. - For My Peeps
04. Notorious B.I.G. - Gimme The Loot
05. Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance (Ready To Die LP Version)
06. Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
07. Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullsh*t (DJ Cable Blend)
08. Notorious B.I.G. - Ten Crack Commandments

Monday, 5 March 2012


In the fifth installment of the Sonic Router x Uncle Albert mix series, MA1 presents a 60-minute bass laden house/funky mix in light of new EP, 'Beyond The Sea'. Released on Roska's 'RKS' label last week, it is a great advertisement for London's bubbling house scene. You can download the mix and read up on the thinking behind it over at Sonic Router here:

Sunday, 4 March 2012


The transformation of Southampton's Royal T, from talented up-and-comer in early 2011 to scene lynchpin a little over a year later, has been nothing short of meteoric. With bags of ability and a work ethic that befits his years, Rinse's decision to release the excellent 'Inside the Ride / Cool Down' on their own in-house label is a testament to just how far he's come. A lot of credit must also go to Elijah and Skilliam who were first to recognise his potential, not only giving him the platform that provided his first solo release in 'Orangeade' early last year, but also giving him support and confidence at a time when success was not guaranteed. Their faith in him has been thoroughly rewarded in the shape of notable remix work for both Katy B and Yasmin, sell out shows and now releases with Rinse, all of which have aided Butterz in their mission to see grime fully appreciated for its musical merits. A real milestone on a number of levels, Inside the Ride / Cool Down is available from tonight on 12'' vinyl via Rinse Recordings.

You can preview the tracks via Soundcloud here:

Rinse Presents: Royal-T 12" #1 - Inside The Ride/Cool Down by Royal-T


Twitter: @RoyalTMusic

Inside The Ride / Cool Down at Picadilly Records (lovely review also included):

Thursday, 1 March 2012


The continued evolution of UK Bass music has shown little sign of slowing down in 2012 and such is the demand for new and innovative sounds, the pressure really is on producers to come up with the goods. The first on the rise to have caught Uncle Albert's ears in 2012 is Hyperchord:

"The Hyperchord project was started at the beginning of 2012 focussing on non-genre specific bass music, concentrating on vibes and basslines. There are releases forthcoming on Mutant Bass (The Afflicted/Bang Bang Boom!) and UK Trends (Glitchlet/So Deep/SWNGSWNG) and already out is an official remix of StooShe – Love Me which is available for download from the StooShe website on their new 'Where's Stooshe' app.

There are elements of grime, dubstep, dnb, bassline, house and leftfield beats creating a dancefloor orientated sound with deep roots in garage falling under the expansive and indefinable term of 'bass music'.

Hyperchord has already been booked to DJ at the mighty Overkill stage at Glade festival this year and is currently taking bookings for 2012. The debut mix 'The Destruction of the 8-bit Warrior' showcases his genre-hopping, bass heavy sound (downloadable from Soundcloud)."

Although parallels can be made with experimental grime producer Mr Mitch, it is Hyperchord's remarkable versatility that stands out. Free from genre constraints but with a clear and conscientious attitude to his craft, the result is often both technically excellent and inventive. A sure fire hit for boldness alone, I've never heard anything quite like it before. 

In light of such a glowing review, Uncle Albert is proud to also present an exclusive  new Hyperchord track, free to download from the Uncle Albert Soundcloud. Let us know your thoughts on 'Eskilo':

Hyperchord - Eskilo by UncleAlbertSays

You can also listen to a more comprehensive Hyperchord showreel via Soundcloud here too: 

Hyperchord showreel 2012 by hyperchord


Twitter: @hyperchordbass