Monday, 7 November 2011


After first launching his 'Different Circles' night back in April, UK Bass stalwart Mumdance is back with the first in a series of 'Different Circles' podcasts, a personal, no holds barred take on music across a whole host of genres. The concept is typical of Mumdance's eclectic tastes although he ensures us that his focus is on quality rather than 'banging out a load of half rate mixes':

"Different Circles is my new podcast series. There is no set format and no set music policy. The whole point of the podcast is to play good music from a whole range of genres, while keeping it coherent. I'm aiming to do at least once a month, hopefully more, but I want to focus on quality rather than bang out a load of half rate mixes. It might even morph into a radio show style format over time, but for the moment it is all about the music."

Uncle Albert thoroughly enjoyed listening.
You can listen to the first in the series, 'Level One' via Mumdance's soundcloud here:

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