Saturday, 8 June 2013


With a back catalogue now spanning seven releases and boasting the debut 12'' from hotly-tipped grime prodigy Pedro 123, famed London party starters Get Some are starting to really establish themselves as an imprint too. Their latest offering again looks to emerging talent for inspiration, with Lancaster-based Llesca stepping up to deliver 'Sharks', a single backed by four hefty remixes.

As keen exponents of the garage/grime hybrid since their inception, Get Some have always harnessed new sounds with a real sense of purpose and Llesca's debut reaffirms my belief that they remain one of London's key sonic whistleblowers. 'Sharks' itself is a full on 140 assault, a grimy barrage of samples, claps and cutting eski synths all punctuated by searing basslines in frenzied, raucous style - it's a bit mad, but it works. Pedro 123 is first to step up on remix duty and does so with typical swagger, chopping and changing at will - look out for one hell of a bassline too. Liminal Sounds label-head Elsewhere is next up, working a more percussive approach with storming 'Pulse' style bass kicks, whilst bassline soundboy Checan goes all 4x4 in what is the stand-out remix of the four. Neana, himself a rising star, completes proceedings with a classy, bass-led rework that gives some insight as to his undoubted potential on the buttons. Club bangers galore.

The verdict? On point, super fresh and one hell of a debut - I really enjoyed listening to this.

Llesca - Sharks is released digitally on June 17th.

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