Saturday, 29 June 2013


It was Kid Smpl's 2011 stunning remix of Trim's 'I Am' that first made me aware of just how unique a talent 22 year-old Joey Butler is. Based in Seattle, he has built a reputation for his near beat-less, hugely evocative soundscapes, each of which tends to revolve around finely-tuned, dampened atmospherics full of depth and purpose. Having recently had him remix Arctic's  grimy roller 'Shook' for Coyote too, there is the sense that Butler can turn his magic to any genre and create something entirely different, dynamic and new. His latest EP for Hush Hush, the stateside imprint with whom he's worked closely since early last year, serves as a continued testament to just how utterly unique his sound really is.

The five-track 'Armour' EP is for the most part typically melancholy but such is Butler's dexterity on the buttons, each track explores something completely different to the next. The thoughtful calm of 'Why Did I Breathe' contrasts beautifully with the quiet joy of 'Breathing in Space' (look out for sporadic eski synth lines), whilst title-track 'Armour' looks to softer rhythms for it's kicks and 'Necklace' is the only to employ any sort of rolling drum beat, be it subdued and gentle.

On a more general note, It's difficult to find the words that do Kid Smpl releases justice, partly because whoever listens to his music will get something entirely unique from it. His sound lands in that hyperbolic grey area, the sonic wilderness if you like, and it is here that Butler has set up camp and truly excelled. Another brilliant offering.

Kid Smpl's 'Armour' EP will be out on July 22nd via Hush Hush Records - as yet, there are no previews available. 


01. Why Did I Breathe (feat. DJAO)
02. Promist
03. Armour
04. Necklace
05. Breathing In Space

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