Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Tumble Audio have enjoyed a fast-paced start to life as a label, quickly establishing themselves as a hub for bold, forward-thinking club productions with an added emphasis on traditional sound-system culture. This outlook has unearthed no-frills, club bangers from Majora, label stalwarts Sergic and Lyka and the latest from label head Killjoy that again looks to the floor for inspiration. 

A 3-tracker featuring remixes of title-track 'Memories' from both Caski and Formula Records protege Notion, it is an EP that muddies the waters between funky, grime and bassline in bold fashion, with every track seemingly a potential party starter. Memories kicks things off, building slowly before erupting at pace with chopped vocals and searing, Swamp-esque bass stabs combining to storming effect, whilst second track 'Tangle Riddim' is a totally different prospect altogether. Raucous, brash in parts but extremely heavy-hitting, it works punishing, bass-crushing loops in merciless fashion, almost as if it were challenging you to make it through the track in it's entirety without giving in to it's sheer brutality. 'Inaudible Badness' is the last of the lot and in my opinion, the best track on offer here - working funky classic funky rhythms and tribal drums, undercut by a great deal of sub, it's an absolute stomper. On the remix front, Caski's plunges Memories into dark and murky tech territory with  subtle aplomb whilst Notion looks to grime for inspiration, confidently working a sound that lends in part to last year's breakthrough 'Digits' EP. 

All in all, another bold effort from Tumble who continue to push new sounds and ideas in their own, refreshingly different way. Out July 8th.

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