Tuesday, 31 January 2012


The fourth release from promising imprint 'Gobstopper' sees label-boss Mr Mitch return to studio duties with 'The Last Stand / Yeah Yeah', a two-track offering that reaffirms Mitch's standing as one of grime's most inventive and exploratory producers.

'The Last Stand' begins triumphantly, almost as though it were providing the backdrop for a face off in a Clint Eastwood western, before kicking into life with plenty of skippy bass and a flurry of snares. Replicating the more traditional grime format, it retains Mitch's dynamic feel and should hold its own both on the dance floor and with emcees. 'Yeah Yeah' on the other hand, is a far edgier track. Tribal drum patterns echo that of funky pioneer and Butterz label mate Champion but as with everything Mitch puts together, grimy elements are prevalent throughout. 

Exploring different sides to grime's character has become a key element of Mitch's work over the past 18 months and his latest effort offers up yet another surprise. Essentially, we are seeing the joint evolution of both sound and artist, a combination that bodes well for both Gobstopper and the bass music scene as a whole. Definitely one to keep an eye on in 2012.

The Last Stand / Yeah Yeah will be available for purchase from March 2nd via all good digital outlets.

Mr.Mitch - The Last Stand/Yeah Yeah (GOB004) [Out 2/3/12] by Mr.Mitch


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