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The forthcoming second installment of Butterz' residency at South London's 'Cable' on March 24th (incidentally the label's second birthday) has all the ingredients to surpass the resounding success of the first. Renowned for their high standards, quiet efficiency and steely determination, last August's debut party alongside Terror Danjah's 'Hardrive' imprint was a rare chance for the Butterz stable to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements with those in whom they place the most value; their fans. As Terror Danjah touches upon in an excellent short documentary piece on the label by Dutch filmmaker Wout Westen, it is perhaps this, combined with Elijah's 'Open Source' concept that encourages fans and fellow producers alike to actively get involved with the music, that sets them apart from their competitors so profoundly. However, such is the volatility of the grime scene as a whole, their efforts are often better received by those operating outside grime's confines. Despite this, the Butterz ethos has remained consistent throughout, keeping fans in the loop whilst unearthing producers of tomorrow simultaneously. Grime's answer to Barcelona? Probably. 

With this in mind, Butterz' second birthday is all the more poignant and should offer another opportunity for the label to enjoy their successes. The biggest draw on the night will arguably be JME, whose single '96 Fuckries' entered the UK Top 40 this week without any major promotion, giving grime its first credible hit since 'Pow 2011' charted at number 38 last year. A massive achievement, it is hoped it will restore faith in grime as a whole, although it should also be seen as a reward for JME's near-decade of loyal and charismatic service.

The night will also see another Butterz debut in the form of Ruby Lee Ryder, whose vocals played a major part in the success of both Terror Danjah's 'Full Attention' and Champion's 'Sensitivity', two of last autumn's biggest dance floor success stories. She will join Terror Danjah to perform live on the night alongside more familiar faces in Swindle, Royal T, Champion, D.O.K and of course Elijah and Skilliam. 'We R Bass' label boss and all round selecta general Marcus Nasty will also be on hand to join in the celebrations too. 

Advance tickets are available here:

& further event info can be found via Facebook:

Further News:

- Terror Danjah is currently in the process of recording a new album for Hyperdub.

- The artwork for Champion's next release, 'Crazy', alongside Princess Nyah has dropped on and will be out soon with a joint remix from Terror Danjah and D.O.K.

- Swindle's new single, 'Ignition', featuring Footsie is due out on January 20th. 'Unlimited', his collaboration with Silkie, is scheduled to be out next month via Butterz.

- Royal T's next single, 'Inside the Ride' / 'Cool Down', will be available on Rinse Recordings. 

- Marcus Nasty has established his new imprint, 'We R Bass'.

- D.O.K is currently working on recording his debut album.


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Elijah & Skilliam:

Sets from the first Butterz party at Cable still available to download:

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