Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Some of 2011's biggest independent success stories championed both variety and consistency in their releases, a move that Spooky is replicating to good effect thus far as he begins 2012 with the second release in quick succession on new imprint, 'Ghost House'. Following up debut outing 'Rusty Bell' is the 'Allstars' EP, a 4-track offering consisting of tracks from Spooky, Teeza, Moony and Deset, all of whom released intriguing work in 2011. 

Deset released the 'Virus' EP on Mr Mitch's 'Gobstopper' imprint last summer, an EP that I personally thought was one of the most underrated of the entire year and his track 'Crisis' bears some similarities; alarm bells ring out before the track explodes into life with a crescendo of shuddering bass lines guaranteed to shake most dance floors. The second track of the EP, Moony's 'Music 4 U' is an excellent, jungle / garage crossover with a gloriously subtle bass line; as ever, a nostalgic reminder of times (and tunes) gone by. Teeza's 'Rise of the Gremlinz' is also included and in a break from tradition, is a far more sinister affair than 2011 smash 'Bounce'. Nevertheless, its equally effective and a series of ominous church bell samples complete with a bass line not too dissimilar from Digital Mystikz' track 'Neverland', gives it all the direction it needs. Tying everything together is Spooky's 'I Scream', a punchy, reload-friendly offering that screams 'Spooky' as soon as the the bass kicks at 55 seconds. 

All in all, the 'Allstars' EP represents yet another solid, well-rounded outing from the Ghost House camp and the inclusion of Moony, Teeza and Deset is an encouraging sign. Long may the good work continue. 


Spooky - I Scream

Deset - Crisis

Teeza - Rise of the Gremlinz

Moony - Music 4 U

The 'Allstars' EP will be available via all the usual online outlets from January 30th and previews via Soundcloud will be available shortly. 


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