Thursday, 6 October 2011


Rinse:17 sees grime's irrepressible duo Elijah and Skilliam serve up a feast of all things 140 for our listening pleasure. Due for release on November 14th, the mix represents arguably their most notable achievement to date in what has been a startling couple of years for the duo and their highly-regarded 'Butterz' imprint. As documented in FrankieFrank's excellent preview of the mix itself, Rinse:17 offers the perfect insight into the exciting world of new school grime and its release marks a significant step for the genre. Uncle Albert was lucky enough to catch up with Elijah to get his take on the subject and what he hopes the mix can achieve:

"I've been on Rinse for just over 2 years doing the late night 1-3am slot and I have always felt like any show on Rinse is a prime time slot. We just tried to make that the number one show for Grime on the station. We got asked around March to do the mix, so it has been in the back of our minds all year and we knew how we would put it together from the day we got asked; the best of grime from this year, the best of the label, a couple of dubplates and one or two of our all time favourites are all included."

Elijah also explains that Rinse:17 casts light on the duo's involvement in all areas of the music they release:

"I think it is a good document to represent what Elijah & Skilliam bring to the table rather then just the label. Outsiders don't really know the role we play in making a lot of this music happen in the first place - we aren't just DJs in the sense of mixing two tracks, even though we are good at that too. Most of the tunes on here we have had heavy involvement in. Its also our first product that will be in the shops - we have always been releasing other peoples music, so hopefully it will give us a good platform to play in places we haven't before and work with some new people on different projects."

Looking to the future, he admits that the project has served as a 'wake up call':

"Following on from this I think it has really given me a wake up call in terms of pushing myself as a DJ. Sometimes I get so busy with doing label stuff I don't follow through my own personal projects or Elijah & Skilliam projects, so expect a serious project outside of random mixes at least once a year. Either that or i'll just retire!"


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