Thursday, 20 October 2011


The sixth in the series of exclusive Uncle Albert mixes comes via Seatte's 'Kid Smpl' whom Uncle Albert first discovered after hearing his masterful re-work of Trim's 'I Am'. Incorporating a series of his own dubs alongside tracks from fellow producers 'Ill Crosby' and 'Arae' amongst others, opening track 'Streetlight' sets the tone for a hauntingly good 45 minute offering that should please fans of James Blake and Pearson Sound. A refreshingly different mix, full of quality and craft that fully warrants a place on your Ipod. 

PS - Listen out for an excellent remix of Dizzee Rascal's 2004 classic 'Stand Up Tall' too.

You can download the mix via Mediafire here:


Kid Smpl - Streetlight (dub)
Kid Smpl - Relief (Life Crushed free comp)
Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (Screwed)
Oddlogic - Darling (Life Crushed free comp)
Ill Cosby  - Trap Riddim (Offshore Remix) (Forthcoming Car Crash Set)
Kid Smpl - Ur Back (Forthcoming Swing and Skip)
Kid Smpl - Inhale/Exhale (Forthcoming Subdepth)
Kid Smpl - Hope I Don't Forget (Forthcoming Subdepth)
Kid Smpl - Miles Above (dub)
Kid Smpl - Staring Up (dub)
Arae - Trouble Sleeping Refix (Free Download)
Archie Pelago - Solar Plexus (Forthcoming Car Crash Set)
Kid Smpl - Gbye (dub)
Kid Smpl - Collapse (dub)
Kid Smpl - End Scene (dub)
Kid Smpl - Sheets (Forthcoming Swing and Skip)
Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall (Kid Smpl Remix) (Free Download)
Kid Smpl - Lifestream (Forthcoming Swing and Skip)
Kid Smpl - Healer (Car Crash Set)
Trim - I Am (Kid Smpl Remix) (Butterz Autumn Zip)


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