Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Thanks to Moxie, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 'Standard Place' takeover of the 'Boiler Room' last night with latest 502 Recordings protege 'Teeth' alongside the legendary Zed Bias and the one they call Oneman. Kicking off at 8 and going on until roughly 11, the Boiler Room series essentially provides a platform for some of the biggest names in electronic music to showcase new material to an audience of thousands watching via UStream.

After excitably ringing my dad on route to tell him where I was going as if he knew and/or gave a shit, I made it up to Corsica Studios for about 9. I met Moxie outside, and anxiously made my way into Room Two to find Helsinki's 'Teeth' midway through his first ever Boiler Room set. The room was predictably dark and the bass was reassuringly punchy and you know it's always gonna be a good night when everybody around you is clutching a can of Red Stripe. Within about 10 minutes I was bopping my head uncontrollably, a bit like how I'd imagine the Churchill Insurance dog would do had he just done a shed load of acid. As his set wore on, the room started to fill up in anticipation of Zed Bias gracing the decks but it was Teeth who really impressed me with a jump up style not too dissimilar from that of PTN's Breach. 


IN ZED WE TRUST. Within 30 seconds of taking to the decks, I was gone. Without even feeling the need to get a drink, Zed had me jumping around like a bellend and there was nothing I could do about it. There came a point when I clocked a guy standing beside me and we both shrugged our shoulders and agreed, 'This is just murder innit' - and that's exactly what it was.

There was a brief, 5 minute interval during Zed's set for Terri Walker to perform a live PA of Mosca's remix of T.Williams' 'Heartbeats' too, which only added to the hype. Flawlessly performed, the bass kick prompted me to throw a few stray gun fingers to the sky (cringe) and the track got wheeled 3 times before Terri had everyone shouting for the roof to burn down.

As Zed wound up his set and made space for Oneman to finish off proceedings as only he can, I was already getting worried that waking up with mild whiplash was going to be an inevitability. True to form, Oneman had the crowd fully gassed within  minutes and over the course of his set somehow managed to mix everything from Ginuwine and 50 Cent to Jamie XX and Redlight, as well as old school garage tracks like K.P and Envyi's 'Shorty Swing My Way' and even Tweet's 'Oops'. For me though, it was the dropping of SX's 'Woo Riddim' that completed the 'Boiler Room' experience. I actually found myself generally speaking and reciting D Double's 'Bad to the Bone' bars for all of 30 seconds before realising i looked like a prick. 


As people started to make their way out to the tune of Bobby McFerrin's 'Don't Worry Be Happy', the talk was this had been the best 'Boiler Room' yet. I think I'd be stupid to disagree.

Big thanks once again to Moxie for getting me in and props to Oneman, Zed Bias and Teeth who are each responsible for today's considerable lack of movement.



Don't forget to check Teeth's first 502 Recordings release 'Shawty' too:

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