Thursday, 18 April 2013


Fresh from releasing vinyl-only EP 'Wavey' on Coyote last month, Walter Ego's latest work comes in the form of a glorious 3-track for Toddla T's 'Girls Music' stable.  What's so refreshing about Walter is that you never really know what to expect; where he took grime firmly into party territory with 'Wavey' and 'Military Mind', he brings funky rhythm groove firmly up to 2013 speed with 'Baby Benz'.

The title-track is meticulously put together as you'd expect, complete with a brooding intro that echo's Joy Orbison classic 'Hyph Myngo', before upping the gears and opting for reassuringly potent blasts of bass, all underpinned by an irrepressible swing that'd get even the most stubborn of floors dancing. Second track 'Augment' deals more in the carnival spirit, working tribal drums and layered sampling in diligent, party-ready harmony whilst 'UK' is even livelier; big bass lines and an unrelenting pulse carry this into Champion / Lil Silva territory. 

Party music with finely-tuned swagger. Excellent stuff.

Grab an exclusive first listen over at Hyponik, ahead of it's release on April 22nd: 

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