Monday, 1 April 2013


At a time of fevered activity in and around the 140bpm mark and with producers churning out weird and wonderful new grime cuts at a considerable rate of knots, it's sometimes easy to forget the brutal effectiveness of the ancestral styles that made grime such an extraordinary sound in the first place. Dullah Beatz is probably the perfect example of this, a producer with a bullish outlook and barbarous sound that echos hit-makers of the past without borrowing too heavily. 

His new EP, simply entitled 'Dullah Refix', chronicles his take on 3 grime classics and also includes a rework of JME's latest single, 'If You Don't Know' to rampant effect. Whether it be the near minute and a half demonic orchestral intro to 'If You Don't Know' or the sheer aggression of 'Dullahclapz', a remix of Thunderclaps' 'Put 'Em In Their Place', Dullah Beatz is as no holds barred as they come. The best of all though rests in his remix of Ruff Sqwad's seminal riddim 'Pied Piper', a track you'd expect to only suffer through a remix lens; a touch brazen but unashamedly tough, the results are lethal. Thoroughly good grime music from a producer who has to be earmarked as one of the genre's best new talents. 

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