Sunday, 7 October 2012


With the monstrous 'Arizona Skyz' first surfacing last year after a near-on 4 year hiatus, P Jam has enjoyed a welcome return to the fold in 2012, readying his first EP of the year for re-established in-house imprint 'Beatcamp' in the process. The 'Oxygen' EP is a tough 3-tracker, each of which bears the hallmark of a producer thoroughly enjoying something of a new lease of life. 

Joining the dots between more contemporary 140 styles but retaining the same hard-edged sound that first earmarked him as one of grime's early pioneers, Oxygen is full of encouraging signs. Whether its the funky undertones of 'Bubble Bum' or the more phrenetic, fast-paced beats of 'SkyBoy', there is a marked sense of freedom and experimentation. 'Quantum' is probably the least complex of the 3 but it too sounds remarkably different to anything P Jam has released before. Really refreshing stuff from one of the scene's formative minds.

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