Wednesday, 27 July 2011


It's now just over a year since Roska released his much anticipated self-titled debut album and to satisfy fans' growing demand for more music, he's provided us with the 'Jackpot' EP. Released on July 18th, this 6-track digital offering ( 3-track on 12") sees Roska move away from his more traditional sound, instead combining far more sub bass than we're used to with a series of punchy kicks that run consistently throughout. Could a return to his grimey beginnings be on the cards? I caught up with him briefly on the thinking behind the EP and what the future could hold for Roska:

"The EP is more of a little interval between albums if I'm honest; a little summary of what I've been testing out over the last year or so basically. My album was originally due to come out around now but I ended up doing the mix CD for Rinse so that kinda took over. I decided that I should push an EP alongside the Rinse mix before hopefully putting my album out in the next 6 months or so. The tracks I chose for the Jackpot EP were essentially album demo tracks that I'd been working on so I thought it'd be a good idea to put them out for the heads really! I'm actually hoping to make some more Grime tunes over the next few months because thats where it all started for me back in the day before I lost all my music. I want to get back in touch with the scene and I think you can hear that in some of the tracks on the EP, especially 'Roskallion'."
Roska making Grime again? You heard it here first!

Uncle Albert recommends: 'Roskallion'


Roska Kicks & Snares:

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