Saturday, 26 March 2011


With a fresh and innovative approach to his music, Ipswich's Nee-Hi has made a considerable impression on the scene since the release of his much-acclaimed, 'Houston, We Have An L.P' back in December. Recording with Danny C at the formidable AIM Studios and collaborating with the likes of P-Money and Sketchman alongside a host of Ipswich-based emcee and production talent, his track 'Slow Down' was played by Target as part of 1Xtra's '100% Homegrown' series despite never actually being released. Since the start of the year, Nee-Hi's 'Satellite Fly', 'Nice Knowing You (feat. Sketchman)' and 'Game Time' have all drawn deserved praise whilst the accompanying videos have demonstrated a creative flair that supersede just music and his latest single, 'Bagel' serves as a further testament to this - witty, intelligent and parodic, the video confirms that Nee-Hi is far from your average emcee. Destined for greatness? I'd say so. 


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