Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In and amongst a stellar cast of names that have cemented Bristol's status as one of the UK's leading lights for innovative 140 cuts, Keyed Up is the latest to really grab my attention. A producer of merit for some time, his latest EP on in-house imprint 'Space Goon' is a testament to the city's association with the purple-inspired, Joker-esque strands of crossover grime meets dubstep that took the scene by storm back in 2009. 

Entitled 'Dream Journey', it's a cohesive, theme-led three-tracker that, although borrows from Joker stylistically, certainly sings it's own tune. First track 'TranZit' builds slowly, almost recreating some sort of sonic day dream, before crashing into life with trademark square wave synths and 'Stratos' continues that theme with aplomb, joining the dots between the dreamy atmospherics and rugged club-worthiness. B.P.D.R's remix of TranZit rounds things off with a bit more punch, with jazzy keys and tribal drum patterns giving the original a far funkier feel. A really enjoyable listen.

Keyed Up's 'Dream Journey' EP is out now on Space Goon Records. 

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