Thursday, 22 August 2013


18 year-old producer Darkness' debut EP 'Waveform' on Spyro's 'Dragon Punch' imprint is one that might have gone under the radar amidst the hustle and bustle of a thriving instrumental scene, but it certainly merits praise. A five-tracker, including one collaborative effort with label head Spyro himself, there is enough here to suggest that he's another to be added to the ever-growing list of talented producers ready to make their mark. 

On 'Derpina Derpington', Darkness opts for crushing 808s and sci-fi bleeps in a style more conducive to the genre's trap-inspired cuts, whilst 'Wesker' looks to  strung-out distorted synths and orchestral strings for it's kicks. 'Kraken', probably the EP's stand-out track, bangs a little like some of Deeco's recent tunes only darker, with strings again providing gothic, haunted undertones. 'Airport' features Spyro and is the surprise for me, a far mellower cut that could easily pass as a dubbed-out soundtrack to Theme Hospital (big up those that remember), whilst final track 'Storm Trooper' looks to heavy 808 pressure again, although is a little more subtle in it's delivery. All in all, a very promising debut.

The Waveform EP is out now and available from all good digital outlets. 

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