Sunday, 14 July 2013


Arcade-themed grime instrumentals are some of my personal favourites but not since Royal T's breakthrough, Mario-inspired cut '1UP' have I come across another as bold as DJ Cable's 'Cartridge'. Harnessed by stateside grime hub 'Slit Jockey', the single also features a vocal take from Virus Syndicate's Goldfinger but it is the instrumental that really sings here.

Cable channels a flurry of arcade sounds that meet eski synth lines and a storming pulse-esque bass line at full tilt, sharing similarities with Kahn & Neek's 'Percy' in it's composition. It's a particularly bold effort considering Cable is famed more for his prowess on the decks than dexterity on the buttons too and one that bodes well going forward. Great stuff. 

Out now via Slit Jockey Records. 

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