Wednesday, 29 May 2013


In and amongst the slew of new names running riot in with grime in 2013, Bristol's Conducta has the potential to establish himself as one of the front-runners. His debut 4-track 'Galaxy' EP for fledgling London-based imprint Digitally Disturbed channels both dubstep and garage in an ode to the contemporary sound, working grime in a style that refuses to fit the more recent eski-inspired mould - it really is very good.

Title rack 'Galaxy' is awash with storming, Joker-esque synths and bangs a little like 'Purple CIty' did back in 2010 but with fresh perspective, whilst 'Guava' is a real floaty, tropical ride. Neat ripped vocals and 2-step beats combine amidst a series of raucuous, grimy bass kicks that move things further in to 140 territory. 'Hold Tight' works a similar formula too, with a really polished, nostalgic garage cut suddenly ripped to shreds by a thugged-out, guttural bassline that reminds me a little of P Jam's 'Arizona Skyz'. Final track 'Oh Baby' continues with the nostalgia although is far defter in approach and highlights a subtlety in production that befits an artist of real pedigree, rounding off what is a more than promising debut for both label and artist. Good work.

Conducta's 'Galaxy' EP will be available to buy digitally from June 2nd. 

You can preview title-track Galaxy below:

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