Monday, 18 February 2013


DJ Shiftee's grime-leaning stateside label Hot Mum USA offer up their second release of 2013 today in the shape of Doctor Jeep's 'Sphinx' EP. A bold 4-tracker, including a brooding remix of title track Sphinx from Champion, it is Jeep's working of dark, distorted bass kicks throughout that really make the EP sing. Although title track Sphinx is probably the best evidence of this, 8-bar throwback 'Ghost Dance' is arguably the stand-out track, working samples galore into a sub-low driven frenzy; an ode to Jon E Cash of sorts. Final track 'Numi' is also an interesting cut, fusing Capsa-esque wobble with hip-hop tinged breakdowns - it is a little cluttered but certainly innovative. All in all, more great work from across the pond.

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