Saturday, 10 November 2012


Pedro 123 is a name I've followed closely over the past year, albeit initially for his flair for mixing grime, but as time has progressed, remix work for the likes of Trim, fellow Get Some affiliate MIK and more recently, Lakosa & iO has seen his production skills really come into their own. His debut release on Get Some's label arm, 'Slush', is the perfect testament to how his sound has developed and in my eyes, casts him in the same company as fellow grime-leaning, exploratory young producers like Visionist, Wen and Bloom.

The EP itself consists of 3 tracks; Slush, Jetpack Joyride and a remix of the former from UTTU's promising young beatsmith Checan. Title-track Slush is led by a chorus of eski-style synths, crashing kicks and timely sub bass, all of which bear the hallmark of a producer willing to take grime's iconic sounds in new and different directions in back to the future-esque style. B-Side Jetpack Joyride is a further example of this, although this time a little more fast-paced and garage-leaning in it's approach, again giving it a welcome nostalgic quality. Checan's tasteful remix of 'Slush' rounds off the EP in style with 4x4 swagger by the bucket load; heavy drums, chopped vocals and some exceptional re-worked synths. All 3 tracks come highly recommended. 

Pedro 123's Slush EP is out on November 12th, both on 12'' vinyl and digital.

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