Saturday, 15 September 2012


Alongside stateside labels, those from the Netherlands have also shown a good measure of interest in the fortunes of grime over the last few years. 'Progressive Intelligence', a label run by a small but dedicated collective of DJs and producers, is arguably the stand out example, having not only released in-house material but also a cracking EP from Nasty FM's Moony earlier this year.

Last year, I wrote a short review of Sandman's 'Run It' EP which, considering just how far away from the genre's musical / cultural epicenter it was made, was as good and as rugged as anything being made in the UK at the time. His second release, the 'Jalan Panjang' EP, is due out this coming Monday (September 17th) on Progressive Intelligence and again, shows good promise. It's a 3-tracker, each a little more mellow 'Run It', with the focus seemingly more exploratory than hard-edged. Preview it below.

To celebrate it's release, you can stream Sandman's 'Get Into It', a near-30 minute mix, featuring tracks from Terror Danjah, SRC, D.O.K and Moony as well as some of his own exclusive forthcoming material. Listen below.

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