Wednesday, 22 August 2012


On the basis of a series of releases over the last 2 years, grime owes a debt of thanks to stateside labels. Starkey's label ventures 'Seculasis' and 'Slit Jockey' are well documented fans having released music from J Sweet, Numan and Mella Dee but 'Hot Mom USA', an imprint run by DJ Shiftee who only yesterday released an excellent 'US meets UK' mixtape alongside Elijah, is the latest to give grime's unsung heroes a platform.

This time it is Spooky who has been chosen to provide the goods with 'Code 9', a surprisingly different chest-plate rattler to be released on September 3rd. Listening to Spooky's radio / club sets, it is sometimes easy to forget that aside from his bullish reworks of grimy favourites like Preditah's 'Circles' or Faze Miyake's 'Take Off', hs is an excellent producer. 

Code 9 seems less complicated, less erratic and more focused than previous endeavours. My initial reaction upon first hearing it was one of quiet satisfaction as opposed to immediate rewind which may not sound completely positive but in hindsight, probably is. I think what I'm trying to say is that, for me, this is Spooky's most palatable single release for some time. Whilst his flair for making 8-bar classics is obvious, Code 9 just seems that little bit more considered, more in keeping with the grime that is starting to make headlines outside the genre's steely confines. Remixes from fellow hidden gem Moony, his a glorious little 2-step rework, and Wheez-ie and Star Eyes are also well chosen and take the original in new and exciting directions. A genuinely impressive release from both label and artist.

Code 9 will be available to purchase digitally as of September 3rd from all good online outlets.

Spooky - Code 9 [Out 3/9/2012] #MOM003 PREVIEW by spookybizzle

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