Saturday, 14 July 2012


Fast becoming a regular feature on Uncle Albert, the ever-versatile Moony is back with his latest release on Tenn Records. Picking up where his 'Close Enough' EP left off, 'Pluck Off' is an ambient 4-tracker showcasing grime's softer side to great effect, as ever oozing refinement and quality throughout. 

Title track Pluck Off is probably the roughest on the EP but is far from your typical 140 cut; the introduction is Swindle-esque with the pace firmly dictated by jazzy chords before a solid bass line cuts through the percussion to give the track a real kick. 'My Side', a personal favourite of the 4, is far more-garage inclined in build up but neat vocal sampling is soon interrupted by brilliant, looping eski-style bass where as 'Pace' embarks on a far mellower journey, sampling sweet female vocals with real pizazz; an excellent summer track. As with Close Enough, Moony ends on a dubstep-tinged note with the excellent 'You Changed' adding depth and in turn, further reinforcing his versatility. Still grime's best kept secret? Probably.

Pluck Off was released on 9th July and is available to purchase from ITunes and all other good online outlets. 

Moony - Pluck Off (P Money on mic/Elijah&Skilliam on deck) by moony

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