Thursday, 22 March 2012


'Kleer' is the forthcoming new release from Sheffield's 'Grievous Angel', a versatile producer renowned for his funky cuts and bass-laden re-edits. Due for release via Forefront Recordings on April 30th, Kleer also features a slick refix of J Beatz' 'Subwoofer' to bring together an admirable funky record. Available on 12'' vinyl and via digital download.

Press Release:

"This is a welcome return from Sheffield-based producer Grievous Angel who has been known for his slew of edits and live remixes - whether it be Grime, Dancehall, House or UK Funky. Having done this for Keysound label-mates Dusk & Blackdown as well as random re-works of productions from artists like Wiley (check 2009’s Ice Rick refix under the alias of Bubblez), Grievous Angel has got an eye for recycling existing ideas but is no slouch when it comes to his original productions either. His new EP on Forefront recordings see’s him manifest his love of UK Funky with two cuts that showcase his ability to move dancefloors with crispy drums and the undeniable swing of House and Garage.

Lead track ‘Kleer’ is built up around grandiose arpeggios over percussive drums that mirror the brutal urgency of UK Funky and drum programming of Dutch house.  Whilst the basslines are militant, the addition of the whirring synths adds an air of smoothness to proceedings and builds a sense of eerie tension around the otherwise stomping effort.

On the flipside is his remix of J Beatz’ ‘Subwoofer’ (previously released on Forefront) oozes tropical vibrations with a tribal-esque beat pattern that ebbs and flows effortlessly and will work as a great tool in club sets. Rhythmically the remix possesses all the swagger of early Cooly G and Roska efforts yet there’s an underlying influence of dub as the subtle low-end bassline becomes more prominent as the track progresses."

You can preview Kleer via Soundcloud:

FORE004 - Grievous Angel by ForefrontRec


Twitter: @grievousangeluk 

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