Friday, 19 August 2011


The second of Gobstopper Records' forays into the world of electronic music sees Deset present the 'Virus' EP, complete with heavyweight remixes from Dexplicit and label-owner Mr Mitch. Although eagerly anticipated, Uncle Albert wasn't aware just how good this 4-track offering was; title track 'Virus' builds ominously before a chorus of violins suddenly explodes into arguably one of the best Grime instrumentals of the year thus far. The remixes aren't bad either; Dexplicit strays from his 4x4 roots to create something quite unexpected and Mr Mitch is typically experimental, essentially re-inventing the original without sacrificing it's energy. Also included on the EP is Deset's 'Troll', a much darker, more sinister affair that appears to draw influence from the 'Circus' Records stable to great effect and proves a solid accompaniment to 'Virus'. All in all, an excellent release and one that  deserves all the praise it receives. 

You can buy the 'Virus' EP from Juno here:

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