Saturday, 28 May 2011


Regardless of the recent controversy surrounding the release of Spooky's 'Bag of Myths' EP, it remains a project that deserves considerable praise. Whilst Spooky is often referred to as one of Grime's most influential producers, 'A Bag of Myths' is essentially a bag of remixes, each one more concerned with fine tuning as opposed to radical overhauling. Breaking with his trusted formula somewhat, its the subtlety of each remix that makes this such a refreshing release; minimal change equals maximum impact.

Track wise you can't pick fault with the selection either; SX's 'Wooooo', Sukh Knight's 'Born Invincible' (vocalled by P Money on 'Left The Room'), Doctor P's 'Sweet Shop', Scratcha DVA's 'Nasty' and Sunship's 'Cheque 1-2' are all tracks purpose built for the dance floor and Spooky's reworking only furthers their credentials. The refix of Sukh Knight's 'Born Invincible' is perhaps the most hard-hitting of the five, although each track delivers on one level or another and as a collective, they come together to serve as an excellent advert for instrumental Grime. Purposefully put together and very much rave-friendly, this is an EP that deserves to be played out by deejays all over the country.

NB: Don't play it too loud on trains though - I've had some quizzical/worried looks on the 11.40 to Manchester so far.

Download 'A Bag of Myths' for free:

+ order either the 'Quadrant' or 'Murderer' EPs via and receive a free copy of 'A Bag of Myths' on vinyl. 

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