Saturday, 29 January 2011


Corsica Studios proved the perfect setting for a night full of parking, vibes and Toddska!

I was one of those annoying guys with a backpack and sixteen layers on but I didn't care. After getting in for eleven thirty, I made my way through a maze of hazy corridors and using a combination of instinct and some sort of sixth sense (no Bruce Willis) bass-navigation, finally made it into Room One. With it being my first night at Corsica, I was genuinely blown away by the lay out, feel and general vibe of the place - it was essentially one huge house party in one huge basement. Or so it felt. 

After grabbing a beer and fighting my way past hordes of people who looked significantly cooler than me, I made it over to Room Two to catch Night Slugs' Mosca spin a few TUNE. His hour long set consisted mainly of classic hip hop, bashment and dub-inspired tracks, setting the tone perfectly for rest of the night. 

Next up on the Room Two decks was Roska, one half of Toddska and arguably one of the biggest DJs of 2010. Starting as he meant to go on, Roska began his set by dropping a Mosca dubplate special; a sampled old school Flirta D vocal on a track called 'Legend' produced by Major Notes over a Tempa T instrumental, which basically sent me into overdrive and I spent the next five minutes apologising to unfortunate people who I'd just chinned with my rucksack. Roska's jump-up style and seemless mixing skills were clear for all to see, culminating in the whole room hyping about to the enigmatic 'Squark' and new Toddska track, 'Cowboy'.

RODIGAN ROAD-BLOCK. Apologies dealt with, I tried to get over to Room One to catch the legendary Ramjam's set but couldn't get passed the scores of people jostling in the corridors to get in. Corsica was constipated. After about twenty minutes, I gave up and made it back to an increasingly busy Room Two where I was lucky enough to catch stand-out DJ of the night, Breach, step up pon di decks. His unique blend of dubstep and house was fully out in force at Corsica, leaving you questioning whether to grin or grimace as face-melting bassline after face-melting bassline dropped to rapturous approval and a scattering of gun-fingers. Vibes. 

After a quick gasp of fresh air, I got my screwface on in the hope that people would let me just breeze past on route to Room One to catch Toddla T and Redlight climb aboard the Roller Express. Whether or not it worked was debatable but I made it just in time to hear Toddla drop his first riddim. The whole room erupted into dance in true 'Skanky Skanky' style and never looked back - this was a guy fully in control of his audience. After he and Redlight dropped some old school Sparks and Kie, I decided the time had come for me to try and make the arduous trip home after running out of money and losing about 3 litres of water to sweat. Par. Despite my financial plight, it was easily one of the best nights I've been to in a long time and served as a great advert for UK bass music. 

Shouts out to Shy FX, Roses Gabor, Dread MC and Two Bears, all of whom I wasn't able to catch due to finances / room clashes! 


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